AFJAC Calls on Democratic Candidates to Prioritize Judges in Tonight’s Debate

Zack Ford, Press Secretary
(202) 464-7370 /

WASHINGTON, D.C., November 20, 2019 – The Senate has confirmed many of President Trump’s judicial nominees, including those who are extreme ideologues and unqualified jurists. In advance of tonight’s Democratic primary debate, Alliance for Justice Action Campaign President Nan Aron released the following statement:

“We have seen Senate Republicans repeatedly rubber-stamp Trump’s judicial nominees, even when they have no experience in the courtroom or when they have extreme beliefs that would turn back the clock on the rule of law. Last month, they confirmed Justin Walker to preside over a courtroom despite having barely stepped foot in one before. Then last week they confirmed extremist Steven Menashi over the objections of tens of thousands of teachers, students, workers, civil rights advocates, and consumers.

“We need the Democratic candidates to talk about the courts, including both the Supreme Court and other federal courts. Americans of every stripe are directly impacted by the rulings of these lower courts, and we must prepare to reverse the damage Trump has done to the judiciary. That means recognizing the importance of winning back the Senate and nominating district court and circuit court judges who are both competent and prepared to uphold the Constitution — rather than try to bend the Constitution to their will.”

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