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Trump announces new judicial picks despite past vetting concerns

President Donald Trump nominated a new slate of judges Wednesday, including several more seasoned jurists than the controversial nominees that the administration has had to withdraw in recent weeks.

The nominations reflect a determination by the White House to push forward with its goal of reshaping the judiciary, undeterred by criticism that the nomination process should slow down so the Senate can give closer scrutiny of nominees. Already, the Senate has broken records by confirming 12 appeals court judges in Trump’s first year.
Many of the names put forward Wednesday include candidates with experience as magistrate judges or government and private lawyers. Three were previously nominated by former President Barack Obama, though they were not moved to the end of the confirmation process by a Republican Senate.
The new list includes Joel M. Carson III, Susan Paradise Baxter, Marilyn Jean Horan, William F. Jung, Jill Otake, Maryellen Noreika, Gordon P. Giampietro, Chad F. Kenney, Kari A. Dooley and Colm F. Connolly.