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The siren of Baton Rouge

Not many people have heard of Kyle Duncan, President Trump’s nominee to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. That is, unless you have heard his mesmerizing siren song. Born, raised, and educated in Louisiana, Mr. Duncan has made a career for himself luring people toward the rocky cliffs of his dangerous ideology.

We have seen this in his teachings, his writings, and his practice.

Just look at the wreckage his advocacy has caused for the lives of so many LGBT Americans. Duncan prevented a child in Louisiana from getting a birth certificate listing his two dads as his legal parents. His legal court briefs have enthusiastically promoted junk science calling transgender people “delusional.” He’s repeatedly claimed that children are harmed by having gay or lesbian parents and believes businesses should have an absolute right to refuse gay and lesbian customers. Kyle Duncan may not have been caught on video stating that transgender children are evidence that “Satan’s plan is working,” and he may couch his anti-LGBT views in the beguiling language of religious liberty, but the results are still the same.