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Three Things You Can Do to Fight Another Trump SCOTUS Nominee

Justice Kennedy’s retirement opens the door for Donald Trump to name another ultra-conservative judge to the high court, a person who will favor the wealthy and powerful over the rest of us.  Someone who would oppose women’s reproductive rights and our right to health care, and so many other critical legal rights and protections that have been hard-won over decades. Now more than ever, we need to fight back.

Here are three things you can do RIGHT NOW to join the fight:

1. Call your Senator and tell them to vote against any nominee on Trump’s shortlist and demand a nominee who will be a fair-minded justice.

2. Make a donation so we have every resource at hand to defeat this nominee. During the Gorsuch nomination, the other side spent $17 million and have already announced a seven-figure ad campaign.

3. Tell your friends and family what is at stake and impress on them the importance of keeping the courts as a check on presidential power.