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Kavanaugh Could Tip Supreme Court Against Gun Control Laws

In the battle over the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, the usual suspects are lining up in support and opposition. At the grass roots, however, there is one new entry nervously eyeing the Kavanaugh nomination. It is March For Our Lives, started by high school students in Parkland, Fla., after the shooting there, and aimed ultimately at enacting more effective gun regulations.

“Kavanaugh’s basically the roadblock to anything we want happening,” said Charlie Mirsky, the 18-year-old political director of March for Our Lives. “We believe that if we got anything passed, he could declare it unconstitutional,” he said. “He could just block anything we want from staying in place.”

Of course Kavanaugh could not do that by himself, but Second Amendment scholars on the right and left seem to agree where the nominee stands, and how important his nomination is in terms of gun regulation.

“Kavanaugh believes in a very vigorous Second Amendment right to bear arms, and he thinks there is little room for constitutionally permissible gun control,” says UCLA law professor Adam Winkler, who has written extensively about the right to bear arms.

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