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21 questions Brett Kavanaugh could face under oath

When Brett Kavanaugh swears to tell the truth and then answers allegations that he sexually assaulted Christine Blasey Ford when the two were in high school, it could be the final time he answers questions about his past. On the other side of his nomination fight lies a lifetime on the Supreme Court.

Ford, who came forward into an unwanted spotlight, will face questions too, delivered by a sex crimes prosecutor from Arizona instead of the all-male Republican side of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Another accuser, Deborah Martinez, from Kavanaugh’s time as an undergraduate at Yale, will not be featured at Thursday’s hearing.

Neither will Julie Swetnick, who went to a DC area high school and alleged in a sworn statement Wednesday that in the early 1980s she attended house parties with Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge. Swetnick said she saw Kavanaugh “drink excessively at many of these parties and engage in abusive and physically aggressive behavior towards girls.” She also said Kavanaugh was present at a party where she was gang raped. Swetnick did not identify Kavanaugh or Judge as her attacker in that incident. In a statement, Kavanaugh called those latest allegations “ridiculous and from the Twilight Zone.”

Republican investigators for the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday asked Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh about two new allegations against him, both of which he denied.
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Since there is unlikely to be any definitive corroborating evidence for any of the claims against Kavanaugh, what he says and how he answers the accusations will largely help determine whether Republicans rally around him and put him on the court for the rest of his life.

Here are some questions Kavanaugh will likely face in response to Ford’s allegations and testimony.

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