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Your senators are home for recess – call them today.

Senators are home for recess until May 31, which means it’s a great time to give them a call and remind them why courts matter and how important it is for them to support fair courts.

They probably need a reminder that we want them to vote NO on nominees who are unfit to serve for a lifetime on the bench. President Trump’s record of appointing ultraconservative ideologues to the bench is deeply troubling and we need to fight back.

Many of Trump’s judicial nominees have records of opposing or even outright attacking everything we value. From reproductive rights to LGBTQ rights, criminal justice to climate safeguards, immigration to protections for workers and consumers – the courts make critical decisions on all of these issues, and we need fair-minded jurists on the bench who will uphold all our rights and make decisions based on the facts and the law, not the Trump agenda.

How can an LGBTQ person expect to have a fair day in court when the judge in front of them has a record of opposing LGBTQ rights? How can a woman looking to protect her right to abortion care expect a fair hearing from a judge who has vocally advocated against the right to choose? Judges with such extreme records have no place in our courts.

Every senator votes on these judicial nominees – call yours today and tell them to oppose any nominees who won’t protect our rights. Our courts are critical and we can’t forfeit them to Trump. Click here to connect with your senators’ home offices now.