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Take Action to Stop Menashi!

Steven Menashi has had a hand in orchestrating some of President Trump’s most nefarious policies, from working with Betsy DeVos to dismantle protections that make schools safe and affordable to helping Stephen Miller craft xenophobia into our immigration policy. The Trump administration saw fit to reward his efforts by nominating Menashi for a lifetime appointment on the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, where he would be able to dish out his racist, anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ views with the force of law.

Momentum to defeat his nomination is on our side. The Senate Judiciary Committee has already delayed voting on Menashi.  It is clear even Republican senators recognize how problematic his nomination is. Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) has already said she will oppose Menashi, but we need to keep the pressure on. Here are three easy ways you can help #StopMenashi.

1) Sign our petition!

We’ve partnered with DailyKos and a number of other organizations to call on Senators to defeat Menashi’s nomination. Join tens of thousands who recognize Menashi would be disastrous to our justice system by adding your name.

2) Call your Senator!

If you’ve never called your Senator before, we make it easy. Use our form and we’ll connect you directly with your Senator. We even have a sample script about why Menashi should not be confirmed as a judge. Senators are tallying the calls for and against Menashi’s nomination – make sure your opposition is counted!

3) Tweet your Senator!

Even 280 characters can add up. Let your Senators know on Twitter that they should oppose Menashi’s confirmation and protect the federal bench from ultraconservative ideologues.

To learn more about Steven Menashi’s hate-filled record, check out our sister organization’s full report on his nomination.