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Threats to our Health Care: Reflections Three Years Later by Elena Hung

This is an excerpt from a blog by Little Lobbyists co-founder Elena Hung on the importance of health care and the threat posed by Trump Judges.

It has been three years since I co-founded Little Lobbyists, a family-led group advocating for children with complex medical needs and disabilities.  We formed because the health care that helped kids like my daughter Xiomara survive and thrive was under urgent threat.  Along with an incalculable army of organizations and advocates, we fought back and won.  I will never forget being outside the U.S. Capitol in the middle of the night with Xiomara, surrounded by hundreds of people, when the “skinny repeal” of the Affordable Care Act was defeated by just three votes in the Senate, thus (momentarily) saving our access to health care.  I was relieved. While I celebrated that night by hugging my friends and joining in some of the crowd chants, I also knew the fight wasn’t over.

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