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What the Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings Reveal About Kamala Harris

This excerpt is from a piece originally written by Crystal Hill and ran by Yahoo News on August 13, 2020.

“I think she was one of the most effective questioners,” said Daniel Goldberg, the legal director for the Alliance for Justice Action Campaign. “And really, if you look back at her questioning of Brett Kavanaugh,” he told Yahoo News, “what’s stunning is how prescient she was.”

Goldberg pointed to several examples, including Harris’s focus on abortion.

“She asked Brett Kavanaugh his views on critical reproductive rights, including whole women’s health — the abortion restrictions put in place in Texas,” Goldberg said, “and lo and behold, just last month he would have allowed Louisiana to burden women’s right to have an abortion and implement a law that would have shut down all but one clinic in the state.”

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