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State Courts Matter

If you care about health care, reproductive rights, protections for consumers and workers, the environment, access to high-quality education, civil rights, LGBTQ rights, or immigration – you care about our state courts 

State courts decide over 95% of all cases in the United States – which means they are making the decisions that affect your community, your safety, and your rights. These courts have the last word for millions of workers, consumers, women, students, people with disabilities and pre-existing conditions, and more. They also play a critical role in protecting our democracy, making decisions on voting rights and redistricting. 

It’s crucial that the seats on these benches are occupied by fair, qualified, impartial judges who will protect the rights of all of us, not just the wealthy and powerful, and understand how their decisions will affect each of us 

Now is the time to make sure these courts continue to protect our rights. In the 31 states that are holding State Supreme Court elections this year, voters can use their voice to directly determine who sits on the bench. Nine State Supreme Courts currently are one seat away from tipping their partisan balance, and many others have multiple seats up for election in 2020.  

Use your voice and your vote to protect our courts.
Vote for justice.
Vote for your State Supreme Court.

Sign the Pledge

State Supreme Courts are the last word for millions of workers, consumers, students, women, people with disabilities and health issues, and many more of the most vulnerable among us. They decide over 95% of all cases in the United States, including crucial cases on voting rights and redistricting. We need top-quality, impartial judges to protect our lives, our rights, our jobs, and our health – not just the wealthy and powerful.

Will you pledge to vote the courts? 

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