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About Neomi Rao

President Donald Trump has nominated Neomi Rao to a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.  Rao currently serves as Administrator of the federal Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. Under Rao’s leadership, OIRA has signed off on efforts to roll back protections for survivors of campus sexual assault; halted a data-collection program on gender pay disparity; worked to roll back protections against racially-based housing discrimination; engaged in a process to eliminate Affordable Care Act protections for LGBTQ patients, and more.  The Trump Administration has been clear about its plan to appoint judges who will undermine health and safety protections across the board, endangering workers, consumers, children, the environment, students, LGBTQ people, and women.  Rao’s record shows that if confirmed to a lifetime seat on the federal bench, she would adhere to that destructive agenda.

During her confirmation hearing, Rao also faced close questioning about articles she wrote in her twenties, in which she took aim at sexual assault survivors, racial equity programs, the LGBTQ community and environmentalism.  She refused to say whether she believed Brown v. Board of Education was correctly decided.  Her confirmation is strongly opposed by civil and human rights organizations including advocates for women, sexual assault survivors, LGBTQ Americans, and the environment.

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Call your senators today and tell them to oppose Neomi Rao. Fill out the form above to be automatically connected with your representatives. You can use this script as guidance on what to say:

My name is [name], and I’m a constituent from [city] calling to oppose Neomi Rao, Donald Trump’s nominee to the D. C. Circuit Court of Appeals. Rao has a record of hostility to women’s rights, sexual assault survivors, LGBTQ rights, civil rights, and more. She has led a government office that has rolled back public protections meant to protect our rights and keep our communities safe. She does not belong on our nation’s second-most powerful court. I urge Senator [X] to oppose Rao’s nomination. Thank you.