Thank You for Taking Action to Fill Every Seat

Thank You for Your Support

Thank You for Your Support

With your help we will be able to continue our efforts to fill every judicial vacancy.

Now is the time to take back our courts. Call your Senator at 833-860-1406 and tell them to take action and prioritize filling every lower court vacancy before the end of 2022.

Call Script

Hi, my name is [name], and I’m a constituent from [city] calling to ask Senator [X] to take immediate action on strengthening our federal courts.

The Senate must confirm the outstanding nominees awaiting confirmation votes immediately. There are many nominees awaiting confirmation that have the backgrounds our democracy needs represented on the bench immediately. Some of these nominees include Dale Ho, Natasha Merle, Nancy Abudu, and more. Each of these nominees are long overdue for a final vote, and the Senate should move swiftly to confirm them.

Everyone voted out of committee must get a confirmation vote. This is vital for us to bring balance to the federal judiciary and fill every seat.

I urge Senator [X] to move swiftly to confirm these great nominees and more. Thank

After you’ve called, ask 5 friends to call!

Click here to sign our petition calling on the Senate to take back our courts by filling every lower courts vacancy.