How Trump Judges Are Undermining


In L.J. v. School Board of Broward County, Florida, Trump Eleventh Circuit judge Britt Grant sided with a school that had failed to fully implement an individualized education program (IEP) for L.J., a middle school student with autism. According to Grant, the school’s failure to follow through with all of the sections of L.J.’s IEP was not a violation of the IDEA. As a result of her decision, it will be more difficult for students with disabilities to challenge schools that do not meet their legally protected educational needs.

In Lee et. al v. Macon County Board of Education, Trump Alabama district court judge Annemarie Marie Axon ended a 48-year-old school desegregation order against Calhoun County schools that had been in place since 1971.

In Doe v. Oberlin College, Trump Sixth Circuit judge Chad Readler joined an opinion stating that Oberlin College discriminated against a male student through anti-male bias when it found him guilty of sexual assault based on complaints from a female student.

Although not in the majority, in Gary B. v. Whitmer, Trump Fifth Circuit judge Eric Murphy argued against a finding that that the  Fourteenth Amendment’s Due Process Clause protects a fundamental right to a “basic minimum education” that is potentially violated when the state fails to provide adequate public schools and foundational literacy. The case involved students at several of Detroit’s worst-performing public schools, which had missing or unqualified teachers, physically dangerous facilities, and inadequate books and materials. When the case was reconsidered en banc, Trump Sixth Circuit judges Amul Thapar, John Bush, Joan Larsen, John Nalbandian, Chad Readler, and Eric Murphy all voted to reverse the decision.


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