Event – Oct. 3: #StopKavanaugh Vigil

On October 3, all across the country, Americans will come together in peaceful vigils to demand that the U.S. Senate stop Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh has shown that he is hostile to women—from his record against women’s health and autonomy to his record against workplace protections to the sexual assault allegations against him to the anger he displayed to female U.S. senators. Kavanaugh has shown that he has no credibility: He has lied repeatedly in confirmation hearings spanning two decades, and he lied again in his testimony regarding Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s credible allegation of sexual assault. Now is the time for all of us to come together and tell our senators to believe women and stop Kavanaugh this week—and to show the country that women, and all of us, will hold Republicans accountable on November 6.

Kavanaugh would rule for a generation against reproductive freedom, health care, the environment, voting rights, workers’ rights, LGBTQ rights, and immigrant rights, while siding with big corporations, Big Money, and the Trump agenda. And we can’t let the White House rush and hamper an FBI investigation. The survivors who have stepped forward in recent weeks deserve better, as do we all.

Senators in all fifty states must listen to their constituents, do their jobs to uphold the will of the people, protect the soul of our country and Constitution, and block this nomination. Together, we will fight to ensure Brett Kavanaugh never gets confirmed by the Senate. We will #StopKavanaugh. Join us.

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