The Alliance for Justice Action Campaign (AFJAC) promotes a national conversation about the importance of the courts with a goal of advancing core constitutional values, preserving human rights, securing unfettered access to the judicial system, and guaranteeing the even-handed administration of justice for all.  AFJAC also serves as the nation’s leading resource on the legal framework for 501(c)(4) nonprofit advocacy efforts. It provides definitive information and technical assistance for organizations and their funding partners seeking to fully exercise their right to be active participants in the democratic process while advancing policies that enable them to do so.

Alliance for Justice Action Campaign uses advocacy to improve access to justice and to serve the public interest. AFJAC received its recognition of 501(c)(4) status from the IRS in 2004.

For more information about Alliance for Justice Action Campaign,
call 202-660-1352 or email [email protected].


Nan Aron, President

James Weill, Chair of the Board

Clay Hiles, Board Member

Carol Leslie Hamilton, Board Member


Nan Aron, President

Ronnie Pawelko, Legal Counsel

Keith Thirion, Outreach Director

Albert Lang, Communications Director

Zack Ford, Press Secretary

Jasmine Newman, Web Manager