State courts decide over 95% of all cases in the United States – which means they are making the decisions that affect your community, your safety, and your rights.

We must elect qualified judges who will protect the rights of all of us, not just the wealthy and powerful, and understand how their decisions will affect each of us.

On November 3, Michigan has the chance to elect two amazing women to serve on the state supreme court: Bridget McCormack and Elizabeth Welch.

Together, McCormack and Welch will put people first and continue to move the court towards progress and independence from partisan power grabs.

However you are planning to vote, in person or by mail, there’s more to the ballot than you may think. Look all the way down your ballot to the non-partisan section.

Vote for McCormack and Welch for State Supreme Court to ensure a better future for all Michiganders.

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