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Fill Every Seat!

Join us in calling on the White House and Senate to fill every federal judicial vacancy.

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 We have a narrowing window in 2024 to fill every seat with judges
committed to equal justice.

Join us in urging the Biden administration and the Senate to capitalize on this available window to get as many judicial nominees confirmed as possible
before the end of the 118th Congress.

The Biden Administration has made historic progress

in nominating outstanding jurists who expand the diversity and legal backgrounds represented on the bench.

But with the pace of confirmations slowing and a narrowing window to catch up in 2024,

this current window of time presents a crucial opportunity to confirm judicial nominees and fill every seat with federal judges who will secure justice for all.

To fill every seat, the White House and the Senate must do their part.

The Biden administration must continue to nominate highly qualified and diverse candidates, and the Senate must prioritize confirmation proceedings for every nomination before the year is over.

Join us in calling on the White House and Senate to take action to Fill Every Seat!

Sign our petition to the White House and Senate asking them to
take immediate action on strengthening our federal courts.

Take Action

The Latest

Georgia Supreme Court Election a Sign of Things to Come

Georgia Supreme Court Justice Andrew Pinson has won reelection to his seat, defeating challenger John Barrow. While there were four seats under consideration in Tuesday’s election, Barrow was the only challenger to any of the incumbents. Competitive judicial elections are rare in Georgia because the secretary of state’s control over the elections allows them to effectively curtail efforts to challenge incumbents they wish to keep in power. Barrow called out Pinson’s role in helping defend a six-week abortion ban and was accused of ethical violations for implying as a judicial candidate how he’d rule in such cases. 

New Report Highlights Growing National Focus on State Supreme Courts

State supreme courts have always played a huge role in determining our rights and freedoms, but in the wake of massive U.S. Supreme Court decisions sending issues like reproductive freedom and access to democracy back to states, their role is in the national spotlight more than ever. A new report from the Alliance for Justice Action Campaign highlights the increasing focus on state court elections and some of the major cases these courts are handling. 

Policy Reform Now

2024 in State Supreme Court Races

“We’re looking at upwards of 80 state supreme court elections in more than 30 states next year. This is going to be one of the biggest years for state Supreme Court elections. We have several states where partisan control of those deeds could be determined. Some of this will depend on whether real competitors file against incumbents and for open seats, and whether, in states with retention elections, real campaigns are mounted to challenge the justices who are up,” explained Jake Faleschini, legal director for state courts at the Alliance for Justice Action Campaign, a group aiming to ensure courts reflect the values of the American people.

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