AFJAC applauds Democratic candidates for vowing to protect the courts

Zack Ford, Press Secretary
(202) 464-7370 /

WASHINGTON, D.C., October 16, 2019 – Following the discussion at Tuesday night’s Democratic debate about how to protect reproductive freedom through the courts, Alliance for Justice Action Campaign President Nan Aron released the following statement:

“It’s refreshing to hear presidential candidates express their desire to stand up for judges who will protect the rights guaranteed in our Constitution rather than turn the clock back on reproductive freedom. We must fight vigorously for judicial nominees who will not only uphold a constitutional right to an abortion, but who also understand the consequences that draconian anti-choice laws cause in people’s lives. As several candidates pointed out, we must likewise repeal the Hyde amendment so that there are no obstacles for individuals to make decisions about their own bodies. Nominees who oppose reproductive freedom must not be handed lifetime appointments on the federal bench.”

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