Karofsky Overcomes Republicans’ Voter Suppression Attempts in Wisconsin Election

Zack Ford, Press Secretary
(202) 464-7370 / zack.ford@afjac.org

WASHINGTON, DC, April 13, 2020 – Results are in from Wisconsin’s April 7 election, which, despite the coronavirus pandemic, took place as scheduled. Voting locations were dramatically curtailed and additional accommodations for absentee voters were not provided, forcing voters to run the deadly risk of exposure to the coronavirus at the polls or give up their right to vote. Despite Republicans’ efforts to suppress the vote across the state, with the hope that the disproportionate impact on racial minorities would benefit them, progressive challenger Jill Karofsky won a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Karofsky will take the seat of Scott Walker-appointee Daniel Kelly, whom President Trump had endorsed. The Alliance for Justice Action Campaign endorsed Karofsky in this race and launched a paid ad campaign supporting her.

Alliance for Justice Action Campaign President Nan Aron issued the following statement:

“Republicans’ machinations to suppress the vote turned the Wisconsin election into a travesty of democracy, but their tactics to steal a state Supreme Court seat appear to have failed. Regardless of the outcome, Republican lawmakers should not have conspired with the state court’s conservatives to force such a dangerous election the day before it took place. We applaud those who were able to withstand hours-long lines as they risked their health to cast their ballots — a choice no one should have to make — as well as those who worked the polls to ensure they could vote.

“The Alliance for Justice Action Campaign was proud to endorse Jill Karofsky, who will undoubtedly be a fair justice committed to protecting the rights of every Wisconsinite — the first of many state supreme court candidates our organization plans to fight for. Still, it’s disappointing that her victory came at the expense of such a dangerous process. While we celebrate her win, we remain vigilant in combating any attempt that will force voters to risk their lives or lose the right to vote.”

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