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Tell Congress: The Supreme Court Needs a Code of Ethics!

Public trust in the Supreme Court is at an all-time low. The nine justices of the Supreme Court are largely unaccountable to the American people, whose lives they change with each new ruling. While judges at every other level of our federal courts are bound by an enforceable code of ethics, Supreme Court Justices are not. This issue came to national attention when Justice Clarence Thomas ruled on a January 6th Insurrection case to shield co-conspirators from accountability – conspirators like his wife Ginni Thomas, who was intimately involved in planning the insurrection. This type of corrupt behavior is outrageous and must change.

Several pieces of legislation have been introduced that would bolster accountability and transparency and enhance public trust in our judiciary. These include the Judicial Integrity Act, Judicial Ethics and Anti-Corruption Act; the Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal, and Transparency Act; and the 21st Century Courts Act. All of these bills would move us towards meaningful reform and help restore public trust in our courts.

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