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Join the post-Kavanaugh fight for justice

If you joined the fight to #StopKavanaugh, you know that the fight for our courts has never been more important – and that it’s far from over. We’re put together five ways you can continue the fight for justice in a post-Kavanaugh world.


This one may seem obvious, but seriously: go vote. Make a plan to vote.  Get five friends to go vote with you. Our senators work for us – if we don’t like what they’re doing, we have a responsibility to vote them out. There are 35 seats in the Senate on the ballot in November. If you’re not happy with the way your senator voted on the Kavanaugh nomination, now is the time to make your voice heard. You can find all the information you need to vote, from checking your registration status to finding your polling place, at

Call your senators

Keep calling your senators. You can call and thank them for opposing Kavanaugh, or hold them accountable for helping confirm him.  Your senators need to know that the courts matter to you, and that you’ll be watching how they vote on Trump’s judicial nominees in the future.

Get involved in lower court nominees

The Supreme Court only hears about 80 cases a year, which means our lower courts have the final word on thousands of cases a year that directly impact our lives and rights. The Republicans spent years during the Obama administration refusing to confirm Obama’s judicial nominees, so Donald Trump came into office with over a hundred judicial vacancies to fill. Trump and Mitch McConnell have wasted no time packing our courts with dangerous, ultraconservative ideologues committed to gutting our health care system; rolling back rights for women, people of color, workers, and LGBTQ people; and undermining environmental protections. Trump and the Republicans have already packed scores of  nominees into lifetime seats on the federal bench, and there are dozens of nominations pending. Remember: every senator gets a vote on every judicial nomination, so make your voice heard!

Keep voting

The 2018 midterms are right around the corner, but they aren’t the last election that will be crucial to the future of our courts. Every time you head to the polls, think about who you want picking our judges, and who you want evaluating them. Vote like your rights depend on it.

Don’t give up

The fight for justice has never been more important, and every judicial nominee counts. Keep calling, keep organizing, and don’t give up!

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