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Perdue and Loeffler: Undermining Our Rights and Our Health Care

Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler have prioritized packing the court with right wing ideologues with demonstrated records against the health care and constitutional protections they pledge to support. Even more egregiously, in the middle of a pandemic they have voted to confirm scores of Trump judges while supporting Senate Republican stonewalling of a COVID relief legislation that would help address the dire health and economic needs of Georgians.

In rubber stamping Trump’s judges, Perdue and Loeffler are threating protections for health care, civil rights, equality for women and LGBTQ Americans, workers, and consumers. In fact, these judges have already harmed Georgians and the American people; and Perdue and Loeffler must be held accountable.

This November, voters in Georgia and across the country rejected Donald Trump; and he and Republican senators had to answer for their support for ultraconservative judges. Voters were fueled by the nominations of Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett and others judges who have attacked our democracy and our rights.

On January 5, Georgians will make an important decision in electing senators who have a critical role in providing “advice and consent” as to who sits for lifetime appointments to the federal bench. These judges often have the last word on the meaning of the Constitution and important rights and legal protections. Even with President-Elect Biden in the White House, ultraconservatives will continue to turn to the courts to advance their repudiated and unpopular agenda.

Examples Include:
Perdue and Loeffler voted for judges committed to stripping civil rights and voter protections for millions of Georgians
    • Perdue supported a Trump nominee, Thomas Farr, who spent his career trying to make it harder for Black Americans to vote, including one that the George Bush Department of Justice named in a memorandum as taking part in an illegal effort to suppress the rights of Black voters.
    • Perdue supported judges who condoned a “poll tax” in Florida that required otherwise eligible voters to pay unknown fines and fees before they could vote.
    • Perdue confirmed a judge, Jonathan Kobes, who ruled police could not be held liable for shooting a Black man in the back while fleeing, even though the officer had conducted a pat-down search before the shooting and found no weapon.
    • Both Loeffler and Perdue voted to confirm Amy Coney Barrett, who sided with a business that segregated employees by race and intentionally assigned members of different races to work in different stores. Barrett also held that a worker subjected to the N-word could not hold his employer accountable for allowing a hostile work environment.
    • Both Loeffler and Perdue voted for a judge, Cory Wilson, who championed efforts to make it harder for Black people to vote in Mississippi, and referred to civil rights groups who objected to these voter suppression efforts as “rent a mobs.”
    • They both supported a judge, Andrew Brasher, who worked to gut the Voting Rights Act and defended race-based gerrymandering.
Perdue and Loeffler voted for judges that will erode health care

Both Loeffler and Perdue claim to support access to quality healthcare and coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Yet, Donald Trump made clear that he would only appoint judges who would overturn critical health care protections, including for people with preexisting conditions. Perdue has not opposed one Trump judge, including those with a record of attacking health care protections; and Loeffler has voted to confirm every anti-healthcare judge since she joined the Senate.

While it is nice that Perdue and Loeffler have the wealth to secure high-quality private healthcare if they fall ill, many Georgians do not and must rely on the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Medicaid, or other private health care plans for their medical care or COVID treatment.

    • David Perdue voted for Brett Kavanaugh, who, according to his former law clerk, wrote a “roadmap” for judges to overturn the law that protects Georgians with preexisting conditions.
    • Perdue voted to confirm Chad Readler who authored the DOJ’s brief supporting the lawsuit that, if successful, will eliminate health insurance for millions, including over 340,000 Georgians.
    • Perdue voted for the Trump judge, Kurt Engelhardt, who cast the deciding vote to keep that anti-health care lawsuit alive.
    • Both Perdue and Loeffler voted for Amy Coney Barrett, who argued that the Supreme Court should take health care away from millions.
    • They both voted for a judge, Justin Walker, who called the Supreme Court decision upholding health care protections “catastrophic.
    • They both voted for a judge, Cory Wilson, who called the law protecting people with preexisting conditions “illegitimate” and “perverse.”

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