AFJAC President Nan Aron: Trump Judges List “More of the Same”

Zack Ford, Press Secretary
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WASHINGTON, DC, September 23 – In response to Donald Trump’s announcement of more individuals he would consider as potential Supreme Court nominees, Alliance for Justice Action Campaign President Nan Aron issued the following statement:

With this new list of individuals that Donald Trump says he would consider for the Supreme Court, Trump has gone back to the same well that produced his first list of ultraconservatives who espouse a backward view of the law. The element of diversity doesn’t change the fact that these individuals’ track records suggest they would endanger the cherished rights and freedoms of Americans. No one should be fooled into thinking this list is any different from Trump’s first list: these individuals will protect the rights of the wealthy and powerful at the expense of everyday Americans.

Alliance for Justice Action previously released a detailed report on Donald Trump’s first list of potential Supreme court nominees.

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