State Courts Matter

Against the extreme rollback of our freedoms at the hands of the ultraconservative majority on the US Supreme Court, state courts—particularly state supreme courts—have emerged as one of the last lines of defense for safeguarding our constitutional freedoms. These courts have stepped up to protect the right to abortion, ensure fair representation, preserve voting rights and election integrity, safeguard equal access to public education, defend workers’ rights, secure LGBTQ rights, and more.   

95% of all lawsuits are filed in state courts 

Given their deep impact on our rights, it is critical that state court judges protect the rights of everyone, including the rights of workers, women, consumers, students, people with disabilities, communities of color, and more. Many state court judges are elected to their positions, meaning voters have a direct say on their courts and their rights. In 2024, 32 states will hold elections for at least one seat on their state’s highest court, with over 80 seats up for a vote across the country. AFJ Action’s first-of-its-kind State of the State Supreme Courts Report identifies the states and judges with elections next year. 

Pennsylvania had critical judicial elections last year. Seats for Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court, Commonwealth Court, and Superior Court were up for election in 2023. Click the link below to learn more about the stakes of the election.  

Learn about Pennsylvania’s 2023 judicial elections.

Voters throughout the country have the critical opportunity to shape their state courts and protect their rights at the ballot box. Stay up to date on what’s happening in your state’s highest court by subscribing to State of Justice, AFJ Action’s monthly newsletter on the latest happenings in state supreme courts.  

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